History Of Chamco America, Inc.



The original Chamberlain Co. of America was founded in 1897 and was a national manufacturer/supplier of quality home improvement products such as weather-strip, windows, doors, and insulation products.  A Branch Office was opened in Seattle in 1936.  The window division was called Chamco America, Inc. which is a derivative of Chamberlain Co. of America.  Chamco became a major distributor of DeVac windows in the Pacific Northwest.  Chamco is responsible for projects in Washington, Oregon, Montana, Idaho, Alaska, California and Hawaii.  In 1971 the name was changed to DeVac-Chamberlain to show our national ties with DeVac, Inc.  In 1993 the name was again changed back to Chamco America, Inc. so we could represent other quality manufacturer’s products as the market continued to change in the Pacific Northwest with new energy code requirements. 

Chamco is in a strong position concerning quality workmanship and product design to meet specific building owner’s requirements.

Chamco has had and continues to have, strong manufacturing support from our suppliers such as (DeVac, MonRay, and Wausau). Our past projects have consisted of military facilities, public and private schools, universities, high rise office buildings, and hotels.  The Sea-Tac Airport and others purchase windows for installation in the residents adjacent to the airport flight path.  Some of the projects that Chamco has completed in the Seattle area are the Exchange Building, the Josephinum Retirement Home, the Washington Athletic Club, the Mayflower Park Hotel, and Seattle University.  In the outlying areas:  The Hilton Hotel in Bellevue, Pacific Lutheran University in Tacoma, the Masonic Home in Des Moines, Gonzaga University in Spokane, plus many schools in this state and others.   

Not only is it important to buy a quality window product, but to have quality installers and a quality method of installing to ensure maximum benefit from the windows.  For example: cavity air infiltration is one of the major sources of energy loss in buildings.  It is necessary on wood double-hungs to remove the existing window sash, not the frame, and line the jambs with ½” plywood, caulked to prevent cavity air leakage and a secure method of fastening the windows and exterior trim sections to meet the City requirements for window loading and window washing.
By addressing cavity air leakage and numerous other issues, which many installers ignore, the Chamco method of installing gives you the maximum sound reduction possible with this installation.

After the workman removes the sash and installs the liners, the panning trim is fastened to the new wood that is installed, caulked in place to ensure weather tightness, and then the sash is set from the inside to the new panning that has been installed.  A new trim piece on the inside is utilized to finish off the window installation.  If installed properly, the windows provide  a 50+ years of satisfactory operation.